My collection of resources for front-end development πŸŽ‰

In this post, I would like to share my curative resources for mastering front-end skills. This has worked extremely well for me over years. Hopefully it will do for others. Stay tuned and read on guys 😎

First and foremost, I am a strong believer who has 100% trust on learning by doing. Most of resources out there will only show you tiny example of how their technology works in standalone mode without showing how they fit into the big picture. Let's say you want to build a personal blog, you mostly need a front-end UI frameworks, CSS styling, static hosting process, etc. We typically need to answer these three questions:

  1. Why do you want to build it, aka what kind of problems your solution is trying to solve?
  2. What do you need to do to make it happens?
  3. How do you about to do it?

I have done several personal projects before actually got into any companies that really require according technologies I used. My very first React application is a milk tea app that let users search and sort for necessary items before sharing to their friends. I learnt several concepts by making this application such as responsive design, component architecture, css layout, deployment hosting, page crawling, server side node.js, mongoDB, etc. This where things started to sync into the back of my brain as they came together and fit into one usable application. As it turns out, my way of learning is really slick and backed by science 😎 as I found out about how human brain works.

Learning Pyramid

Alright guys, that's pretty much what I have for you as my "best" ways for learning and hopefully it will work for you. Here is comes resources for keeping up with fast-pace challenging, exciting and beautiful front-end world.




  • Ben Awad - This young and talented guy have taught me a lot about GraphQL by cloning many applications such as AirBnB and Slack
  • Clever Programmer - A group of talented folks have streamed many quality content on how they clone famous application using Firebase as backend - Netflix, WhatsApp, TeleGram, etc
  • Lee Robinson - He is a solution architect at Vercel where they helps to bring modern front-end development into another level - fast, reliable and joyful
  • Jason Lengstorf - The guy works at Netlify as Principal Developer Experience Engineer. He often invites master minds from Web community to show up how different technology shine
  • The Net Ninja - The series of tutorial as baby steps to get your feet wet on various sort of front-end technologies 😎
  • Epic React: All in one premium package to master React skills
  • Front-end masters - This is a premium platform for web developers to learn from the best in community. This is the only content in my list that actually costs you money. Highly recommend to give it a try if you are rich πŸ€‘
  • Testing JavaScript: I am a strong believer that tests should be written to aim for confidence not code coverage. This paid course will teach us exactly what we need before shipping code to production


And there we have the it, my curated list for front-end development. This list have got me from zero to somewhere I'm proud of. I am no longer so scared of reading open source project, learn from it and even contribute some however. Best wishes to all of you who have reached into this point. Together we make this world a better place through quality software 😊

❀️ ❀️ ❀️ Be well Be happy ❀️ ❀️ ❀️