Why do I even blog? 😊

In this post, I would like to write about my journey on how I started with blogging. Hopefully, you guys will find it joyful by the end of the post and understand my purpose of writing blog. According to me, blogging is all about sharing and receiving experience and knowledge πŸ’. Stay tuned and read on guys πŸ€“

It started years ago back in 2018 when I began working on several intensive tasks at work. I was very proud of that work since it saved my co-workers a ton of hours and improved our teams’ productivity. The company I worked for was very not document-oriented driven company where everything should be documented for later reference. I had to present the proposal to my colleagues and later verbally talk to my friends about what I did at work. This was very repetitive and getting tedious over time. One of my very first virtual mentors is Scott Hanselman from Microsoft. I learnt a lot from reading his blog where he shared his finding, challenges, and solution, et cetera. Hence, I thought I probably should do the same 😎

At first, it was not very easy as I needed to figure out what and how to create a personal blog for sharing what I have learnt - I was not that super capable as I am nowadays 😎 (nah it’s a joke πŸ€ͺ, I’m a junior for live - what I know is just a drop and what I don’t know is a whole ocean). Fortunately, it happened to me that I found a charming blogging template - https://gatsby-netlify-cms.netlify.app . I followed the instruction and started adjusting the template to fit my specific needs.

My very first blog was about describing my process of completing heavy tasks at work. After that, I typically shared this post to all the tech people I hang out with at that time πŸ˜„. Sometime later, I was sick and got lucky to overcome that ☘️. I decided to extend my blog to write about life event. There it came the birth of my very first none-technical blog so-called Be well Be Happy πŸ’ž where I write about how I started appreciating different things in life and how important family is 🏑. I also list my favourite movies of all time. I would never ever think that later turned out to be connecting me with my girlfriend. When we first met, we went out on a date, later that night she asked me for my favourite movies. I just did that couple of days ago via a blog post. Without any hesitation, I sent that to her, she opened the link, and we are clicked. We both enjoy those movies and would talk about how our personalities matched by discussing different characters from those movies. It’s a beautiful life πŸ’ž

Since I joined Axon, I have blogged about what I have learnt, different problems I have faced, and solutions I have created over here. I have received couple of emails from guys across the globe to ask for further detail about code snippet attached in each post. It feels great whenever I could help someone like that. I have received a lot of help from Internet community since I’m self-taught. I believe that is how we make such a healthy community worldwide - we always have each other’s back 🫱🫲

Last but never be the least is my opinionated take on blogging - categorization. To error is human, and we should find ways to remediate against that. According to my study, our brains work best with impression - the more impressive it is, the better knowledge retained in our long-term memory. I found it important for me to tag each blog post because it helps me to memorize things by keyword and it’s good for SEO - Search Engine Optimization (TLDR, it helps Internet citizens find relevant content over the web) as well. The following are several keywords backed in the back of my head - Love, Axon, Design Pattern. Whenever I need to search for things from my list, I simply enter the right keyword and voila - the precise content will be there for me to share and referencing 😍. Furthermore, it also helps folks find out some of my tutorials and ask for help - typically via Search Engine like Google or Bing. It is a win-win in education, I get to help others on doing stuff which makes me happy and they receive help from me which makes achieve something in life πŸ˜‡

There you have it guys, my story on how I started blogging and why I think it’s very joyful to blog. In my case, it is not about personal image but solely for personal reference and sharing πŸ˜‡. I would recommend doing that in marketing platform such as Medium if you ever care about branding 🎨. One of my masters once said β€œYou will never know, just love what you do and enjoy life”. Let’s get going with blogging πŸ’

❀️❀️❀️ Be well, Be happy ❀️❀️❀️